Turquoise Hands is UNIVORE’s eighth studio album, recorded between 2021 - 2022 in Univore’s home studios in Akron, OH and Los Angeles, CA. This album continues the group’s trend of blending ambient groove instrumentals heavy on synths with guitar-driven pop-rock tracks, always making sure to stray into glam and electronica, wherever it feels appropriate. Turquoise Hands is available now. It's available everywhere.
UNIVORE is Nicholas Flandro and David Bachmann
Turquoise Hands was written, recorded, and produced by UNIVORE

David Bachmann - guitar, vocals, bass, synthesizer
Nicholas Flandro - synthesizer, vibraphone, drums, guitar, bass, vocals
Sagan Jacobson - vocals, bass, guitar, synthesizer
Levi Gillis - tenor & alto saxophone
Lori LeChien - vocals