Beasts from a Silk Womb

The following is the official press release for “Beasts from a Silk Womb.”

UNIVORE Beasts From a Silk Womb (2013)

On February 19, 2013, the second day of the sun’s transit through the celestial longitude aligned with the Pisces constellation, UNIVORE will digitally release its third studio album, BEASTS FROM A SILK WOMB. This album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Emusic and other online retailers.

UNIVORE is David Bachmann and Nicholas Flandro, a media production duo focused on original music, video, and the written word operating out of Chicago’s west side. UNIVORE has been described as “walking the thin line between sincerity and absurdity so effortlessly that they appear to be floating over a line that was never there.”

UNIVORE’s first album Casale Project (2010), best know for the track “Champagne Taste” is a spoken-word collaboration with Chicago artist Marco Casale. Their second, Love Letters (2011), is a concept album of letters of affection to various fictional women that adheres more to the conventions of pop music. “Angela” appears on the album Love Letters.

Beasts from a Silk Womb (2013)

Beasts from a Silk Womb is UNIVORE’s loose interpretation of the modern and traditional mythologies of the end times, as predicted both by societies’ deliberate or incidental adherence to cyclic cosmology and by the frequent overzealous portraits of the rapture phenomenon put forth by multiple religious sects. Beasts From A Silk Womb is the confluence of apocalyptic imagery and the expected human responses of preparation, celebration, and defiance to the end of the world, all of which are proven moot as more such predictions fail into the 21st century.

The album is thirty-four minutes in length and features eight new original tracks:

888 (inst.)
Humanity Family
Beast From A Silk Womb (inst.)
Lay The Hands
That Changes Everything
Together With You
Ice Trust (inst.)
Victory Days (Victory Ways)

UNIVORE recorded, produced, and mixed all tracks at their home studio, Chubby Luggage, in the East Village neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, formerly a warm, shallow sea pregnant with the now-fossilized plant spores and crinoids of the Silurian period until it all hardened into limestone bedrock. The recording was made with the use of guitars, bass, electric and acoustic, synthesizers, beat sequencers, acoustic drums, an air-conditioner, human voices, and tambourine.

The cover photograph was taken at the West Beach area of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore by Peter Bodigor on an unseasonably warm January morning. The photo shoot was art directed by UNIVORE.

Marco Casale was not involved in the creation of this album beyond his repeated inquiries as to its progress and when Univore would begin filming any videos made in support of it. UNIVORE will begin shooting videos in support of Beasts From A Silk Womb that will heavily feature Marco Casale in the middle of 2013. Univore currently refrains from live performances to create time for more video and music production but plan to host several events in support of their new release which may or may not involve live performance.

After the release of Beasts From a Silk Womb and its supporting media, UNIVORE plans to begin recording on an all-instrumental synth jazz album featuring saxophonist Louis Stockwell (tenor saxophone on “Champagne Taste”) and bassist Bryan Doherty (bass on various UNIVORE recordings).

UNIVORE was invited to premier a short film with new original music not found on the latest album at 2013’s Chicago International Music & Movies festival. UNIVORE is currently in preproduction for this project.

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