Sorry We’re Late

First thing

Yes, we’re late in wishing you a happy new year. We apologize, but we were busy maintaining some rather lofty new year’s resolutions until we either broke or abandoned them. Such as:

*     Gain 74 pounds each and lose it all by
*     Valentine’s Day
*     Avoid thermal underwear
*     Secede from the union
*     Record an album of all Gary Lewis and the Playboys covers

On the other hand, here’s one we’ve upheld:

*     Send to mastering all tracks we painstakingly recorded and mixed  in 2012 for a new album

That’s right, folks. All recording, tinkering, soldering, scrutinizing, bickering, and mixing is complete for our new album.

The music is out of our hands and into those of sound professionals. That means it will soon be flowing into your ear openings. Details coming soon.

Until then, guess which one of these is the real title of our new album. The winner gets nothing:

*     Matches For Fire
*     Democracy In The Backfield
*     Admiral Cumin’s Solitary Hearts Club Combo
*     Faith vs. Science
*     Beasts From A Silk Womb
*     Pus Thieves
*     Javelin Dreams


Again with the Southern Comfort

It seems that Southern Comfort has again rubbed a few of you the wrong way, and we’re not talking about its abhorrent flavor:

Dear Univore,

They did it again. Those bastards over at Southern Comfort recycled another of Univore’s ideas and put it into one of their ads. So, before it was the out-of-shape foreign guy on the beach. Now, they have the same guy standing in front of a weather pattern holding his drink, looking a lot like your Marco in the Champagne Jam video. There are dark clouds moving behind him and everything. It’s ridiculous. Thievery is what it is. Intellectual thievery…

The gentleman’s letter goes on for eleven pages.

Folks, while we recognize the obvious similarities between Southern Comfort’s ad and our video for Champagne Taste, we implore you, as we did back in October, not to judge them too harshly. Do not deem them plagiarists.

Respect the liquor manufacturer by never thinking of Univore when you see any of their advertisements.

Likewise, please refrain from disseminating anything accusatory to or about Wieden & Kennedy, the full service integrated
advertising agency responsible for the ads in question. They have enough on their plate. While we appreciate your defense, do not contact them. Don’t contact them. Leave them alone. Don’t contact them via any email address provided on their website, which is

Univore loves you and will soon furnish you with new music.

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