Practically giving away the thanks

Call us softies, but Univore gets a warm, fuzzy feeling in our pith around this time of year. Heck, we even take some time to reflect.

And when we start reflecting whilst drinking spirits to excess, well, it feels so good we just don’t want to stop.

Before we know it, we have a list of things to be thankful for that’s longer than your arm. And this year is no exception.

In 2012, Univore is thankful for:

Having not been murdered, which keeps us alive and susceptible to those few moments of unadulterated joy throughout the year.

Having not had any of our hands mangled in an accident, which allows us to continue playing our instruments with a modicum of precision, as well as pushing those buttons that allow us to record music and make video.

Marco Casale, our friend, for his daily natural absurdity, his inspiration, his faith in us, his wonderful face, and for his miracles; every time we hear of a man in his mid-fifties dying in the city of Chicago, we hope it’s not him.

Inspiration, which remains unapologetic and does not wait for an invitation to arrive.

Our families, who annually resist the urge to either ridicule us or sing our praises too loudly.

Friends, for their unwavering friendship.

Slightly above-average intelligence, the fuel of our creativity and marginal wit.

The future winner of the 2013 Univore Benefactor Challenge, whose small gift, compared to their ridiculous wealth, of one million dollars to us will afford a year of creative output without the hindrances of day jobs, a year during which we will be able to release a smooth jazz album, finish our screenplay, and complete at least a dozen videos; contact us for more information.

Your personal decision to maintain good taste, assuming you are not reading this simply because someone is forcing you at perpetual gunpoint to be interested in Univore.

The Ray Conniff singers, for your version of “Yesterday.”

The natural world, for continuing to barely exist despite our almost cartoonish cruelty towards you.

Any other redundant variation of any of the above.

That’s it. Have a great Thanksgiving, folks, and please consider giving some of your surpluses to those with deficits.

Univore thanks you.

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