Flattery is a luxury vehicle

While we’re not complete strangers to recognition, we received, out of the blue, perhaps the largest and most glowing helping of it last week.

How it came to be, we aren’t sure, and we aren’t sure we care. Where it came from is here and here.

To the brand new friends responsible for these threads, all we can say is that you’ve made us absolutely blush. Actually, we can say more:

*     Your enthusiasm knows neither bounds nor censorship.
*     We haven’t felt this good since respected journalist Greg Gutfeld used a clip of Saxophone Bikini Beach in his Fox News show “Red Eye” back whenever the hell that was.

We’ll also take this opportunity to address some potential confusion we detected in these wonderful threads. Here are some nuggets with our responses attached:
*      what the fuck am I watching - Apparently a Univore video; we think Champagne Taste
*      what is this sorcery - It is Univore
*      why do I like it - Beccause you have interesting taste in things
*      I don’t know what the fuck genre this is, it’s so smooth though - We admit we aren’t sure what genre we fall under, but later contributors to this thread offered “avant-garde sexy surrealism” and “Post-Avant Sexjazz”
*      What would happen if Univore teamed up with Tonetta? – We have no idea
*      It’s two guys on production and the robert de niro guy on vocals – To be clear, Univore does more than produce; we write, perform, and produce all of our music; also, that’s Marco Casale, not Robert De Niro
*      They need to make Marco the official vocalist - No
*      IS THIS A NEW ARG? – We don’t know what the old ARG is; we looked it up on the computer and the first thing we found was American Research Group
*      Is this shit serious? – Yes, Univore is extremely serious
*      Listen to the fucking samples - To be clear, Univore samples nothing; everything is original
*      you will never have a glass of champagne with Marco - Never say “never;” don’t even say “seldom” or “doubtful;” we know where Marco hangs out
*      Tattoo Marco’s birthmark on your face - Yes, please do this
*      I’m starting to think the entire band is from another dimension – Univore can’t say for certain that you’re wrong
*      guys univore are totally due for a new album SOON - Univore is due for an album and we will deliver it by the end of the year; we appreciate your patience; it will be worth the wait
*      Univore has no Wikipedia page - This is true; the person who makes one for us will be rewarded somehow


We could on, but we won’t, in part because we’re beginning to feel a bit narcissistic.

But we hope that you all continue this conversation and coax even more of your friends and family into it by turning them on to Univore.

We say this not only in the hopes of fame or monetary gain but because we want to spread joy and encourage comments like, I haven’t felt this nice in a long time, more people need to feel like this. Also, we would like to make more money and become famous.

Until then, flattery will get you everywhere. Univore loves the shit out of you.

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