Yes, It’s The 20th Day of the 4th Month

How disappointed we are in ourselves for not having this post ready yesterday or the day before and for being unavailable to post anything this weekend, what with other obligations, in which cases we must post this today, it being 4/20.

Why the disappointment? Because we do not want the reader to think that we are posting in observance of 4/20, nor that we are disparaging those who do observe this date, which could be an easy misinterpretation to make based on our responses to the emails below, all of which are about becoming high on marijuana and which are the only emails we’ve received in the past eleven days.

For those unaware of the alleged significance of the date 4/20, let us explain: today, all across the nation, people who enjoy smoking marijuana smoke marijuana in celebration of the fact that they are smokers of marijuana. Many do so in the streets and in public parks as a show of pride and/or defiance.

Now for said emails.

Dear Univore:

Are you guys playing a show for 4/20? I assume so because I know you like to party.


Dear Guy:


Dear Univore:

Does Univore maybe ever get high maybe, and does Univore ever breeze through the Tulsa area for any reason? Just curious, nothing more. All I’m saying is that if those two things ever, like, happened, I would love to accommodate Univore for an evening of delights. Peace.


Dear Moonstorm:


Dear Univore:

After listening to some of your music, I am convinced that you smoke marijuana in order to become high and also for inspiration to create more music. Is this true?

-Sanibel Greg

Dear Sanibel Greg:


That said, we wish everyone unspoiled happiness in whatever forms of escape you participate in. Univore loves you all.

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