La Mama Invecchia

“La Mama Invecchia” is a poem Marco wrote for his mother on her 90th
birthday. She is now 94 years old and still lives in Italy. Marco
speaks to her whenever he can. He speaks of her with a tenderness
capable of making any audience slightly uncomfortable. But in many
situations, the audience is negligible in light of the subject matter.
The chord progression behind the words is a loose interpretation of
the famous southern gospel tune written by the Reverend W.A. Fletcher
in 1911, so loose in fact that, come to think of it, this may not be
the song that inspired the chord progression in the first place. It
may have been the 1928 recording of “Rocky Road” by the Alabama
Sacred Harp Singers. It doesn’t matter; everything is derivative to a
certain extent. You can create the illusion of originality by referencing
something so obscure only a handful of people can actually isolate it
in your work. The artist in the video is Alejandro Arango. The portrait
was done in charcoal on the wall of a partially abandoned residence on
Armitage Avenue in Chicago.

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