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UNIVORE is David Bachmann and Nicholas Flandro, a media production duo focused on original music, video, and the written word operating out of Chicago’s west side. UNIVORE has been described as “walking the thin line between sincerity and absurdity so effortlessly that they appear to be floating over a line that was never there.”

UNIVORE’s first album Casale Project (2010), best know for the track Champagne Taste is a spoken-word collaboration with Chicago artist Marco Casale. Their second, Love Letters (2011), is a concept album of letters of affection to various fictional women that adheres more to the conventions of pop music. Angela appears on the album Love Letters.
UNIVORE’s latest release Beasts from a Silk Womb is available for digital download as of February 19, 2013.

UNIVORE is available for contract work in various creative capacities including original music, video production, content creation, ideating, as well as art direction and copywriting. UNIVORE loves you.

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